Blame it on the internet –

Blame it on the internet –

When we need to know we need to know and we need to know now – be it phone tablet or laptop the answer is always at our fingertips when we have access to the internet. Some of us love it and as soon as any new toy, widget or gizmo appears on the market we have to have it and that means now – for others and it’s not always the older generation the whole internet thing just sails over our heads. To steal a line from an old 10cc song “Silly love songs” for many of us –

“the art of conversation must be dying”

But for those who are hooked on the internet saturation point has been reached for many and they are taking a natural break (detox) to put their lives back in balance so says this recent article Net overload ‘sparks digital detox for millions of Britons’” the sample surveyed may only have been circa 3000 but when it turns up results such as –


“34% of internet users have taken a period of up to a month away from the web.

59% of those surveyed considered themselves hooked on their devices, with a third saying they found it difficult to disconnect.

Half said that they spent longer online than originally intended each day.”

It has got to be a cause for concern and that’s only the start of it –

A typical adult spends an average of 25 hours online per week, with nearly half (42%) saying they go online or check apps more than 10 times a day, the research suggests.

One in 10 accessed the internet more than 50 times daily, according to the study.

Reliance on the internet seems to be affecting people’s personal and working lives, leading one in three (34%) to seek a period of time offline.”

Scary !

We at GFD HQ consider ourselves a pretty level headed bunch and we have to admit that as our whole business is online based we know what it is like to suffer digital overload which is why we try to ensure pour websites are as user friendly and as easy to navigate as possible with as much information as possible at the fingertips of our potential clients – we know how stressed we can get building the websites and it is something that as far as possible we want to remove from our customers.

We have even taken the whole concept of making life as easy as possible for our would be customers with our Composite Door Prices web site – a comparison web site where we have already done the hard work and selected from a huge number of door ranges out there, the ones that we know work and provide the best value for money for the purchaser. We show you the door – we tell you the price – we can provide the installation and the finance


– the doors we use as examples are exactly that – examples – explore the web site a little more and you will find our “door designers” (the link is to the Solidor designer) but the others are there too – so rather than take our recommendations you can decide the perfect door for your situation.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.44.49

If you’re looking for a new door and you want to know the facts Composite Door Prices web site is a very good place to start all the information you really need and a minimum of digital overload.

CompositeDoorPrices-Logoall the info without the overload

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