Decisions, Decisions

We have reached that time of year again

Factor 15 -30 – 50 – waterproof or none water proof – decisions, decisions

Some of these


or maybe some of these


Or possibly even more importantly when it comes to liquid refreshment –









And by the time you get to making these choices you are already on holiday and will already have ploughed through dozens of brochures or internet site visited the Travel Agent – checked flight times and kids school holidays – bought all your new seaside outfits – is it surprising that when the holiday finally comes around we are too tired to enjoy the first few days –

Did you cancel the milk, did you lock the doors, did you switch the lights off – decisions, decisions.

Here at Composite Door Prices we are pleased to advise all of our customers that we will never make buying a new front door as stressful as going away on holiday, our web site is designed to make life easy.

With all of our years of experience in the industry we are pretty well placed to make decisions on what is a good door and that’s exactly what we have done – the doors on our web site have already been vetted by ourselves so we know that they are of excellent quality. Choosing your door from Composite Door prices – you design it we tell you the price and for all those other tricky decisions – finance, installation we provide simple step by step guides to make life that bit easier.

We even do our very best to satisfy all of our customers who want to know every technical questions our site is crammed full of all the information that many other sites do not tell you and if as a last resort because you cannot find what you want one of our experienced sales team is only a phone call away and there is very little that they do not know about doors.

So what decisions do we want you to make – simple

Door style

Door external colour

Glass type and pattern

Handles hinges and locks

It may sound daunting but it’s not our “used friendly” designers guide you to the door you want not the door some pushy salesman says you should have.

DIY or Installed by us – we give you all the information you need – you decide it’s all there in the web site Composite Door Prices

Just to get you started here are a selection of some of our favourite doors currently featuring on the front page of our web site


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.44.49

Decisions, decisions if it’s a new front door you’re after we have already taken away the pain of the search to make it easy for you – it’s all gain for customers of –


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