Door-stop Thermal Glass upgrades

door-stop energy-cert Door-stop Thermal Glass upgrades.


The solid polyurethane or compressed timber cores of the generic composite door are now so efficient that they will all meet with the current legislative requirement for external doors of a “U” value not exceeding 1.8W/m2K however the introduction of any form of glazing into the door can significantly impact the thermal efficiency. One of Comparison Door Prices  premier suppliers Door-stop International who were one of the companies who pioneered the use of thermal efficiency certificates have taken account of this eventuality in their latest design of thermal upgrade glazing cassettes.


So what does a Thermal upgrade mean with respect to your double glazed units, firstly, they are constructed with warm edge spacer bar, which deflects cold air better than the standard glazing bar secondly, they are injected with argon gas to improve insulation and thirdly, as a further option many incorporate the use of thermal glass. Door-Stop’s thermal glass upgrade range is so energy efficient that it allows some doors to achieve a U-value of just 1 W/m2K and every door is supplied with a copy of a Energy efficient certificate issued by the BFRC (the premier n body for thermal certification of glass)


As one of the most common forms of heat loss from your home is through your doors if you are considering installing a new draught sealed composite front door not only will heat loss be reduced but be  the additional cost of thermal glazing upgrades will quickly be recouped by the saving on heating bills.
For Comparison Door Price customers the good news keeps on flowing because we can offer an upgrade on any glass option you can choose from our current range of over forty glazing options


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