Front Doors, Composite Doors, Doors and now – Bi-Fold Doors

Doors, Doors, Doors and now the new kid on the block – Bi-Fold Doors

The clue is in the name of our web site Composite Door Prices we could hardly be more obvious we trawl the market, vet and select the very best doors for you, best quality and best prices. For a number of years now the GFD Group of companies of which Composite Door Prices is a one of our online outlets have been supplying our customers with quality Composite Doors -but now we are evolving and have introduced our very own new kid on the block.


At the turn of the year we launched a new web site to sell and install these –

Superb quality Bi-Fold doors and the name of the web site where you can find doors as good as these is WarmCore Homes a new and innovative site from the GFD Group – currently this site is “stand alone” from Composite Door prices but having already sourced that which we consider to be the best “value for money” quality Bi- Fold door we shall in the not too distant future be incorporating it into the pages of Composite Door Prices but for the present if you’re interested in a Bi-fold door (the range comes from two to seven leaf’s) just follow anyone of the links in this article and check them out for yourself.

Why do we call this new site WarmCore Homes – a first visit to the site and you will see that it does not just include Bi-Folds we also have a selection of doors and French Doors in aluminium soon to be followed by “windows” for which the coming soon banner is already in place. Th e longer term objective is to grow the site to incorporate additional products using the WarmCore technology – more information for which can be found on the web site.

Until we introduce Bi- folds and WarmCore technology into this web site we shall concentrate our efforts on continuing to provide the very best Composite doors deals for all of our prospective customers – doors like these which we have taken straight from the web site to illustrate the extremely competitive prices which we provide.

If its Composite front doors you’re after it has to be Composite Door Prices but for Bi- folds please do not forget that name – you will find the new kid on the block at WarmCore Homes



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