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Kids gazing in expectation into a toy shop window is a dead give-away that a certain time of year is rapidly approaching – a time when they will be preparing their “wish lists” for the big day

We at Composite Door Prices try to provide a similar feeling of expectation for all of our customers – we believe that every time they open up our web site they should be thrilled at the options that await within as we say in our site banner headline –Composite-Door-Prices-We-Can

And we try very hard to achieve that expectation with the range we supply a simple click on the “Our Doors” tag on the menu bar says it all – here it is so you do not have to search

Every-Type-of-DoorAnd when you open up the actual page you will the extra benefits of !930’s doors, Arched Doors, Fire Doors and Value Doors to add to your selection opportunities.

We show you the doors on our gallery pages – the colours and the styles and all the accessories, we advise you on delivery or DIY we can even help with finance if you should require it.

We pack our web site full of the specifications and techie stuff and it’s all easy to navigate.

We even provide you with “designers” so you can design the door that you want not the one that Salesman currently has as stock in the showroom

Just like a that shop window full of toys we try to provide all the information that you would ever need to make an educated and informed choice because we know that a new front door is not just for Christmas – you should be expecting it to last for the next thirty years.

Probably the best thing we do on our web site is to tell you right up front the price that you can expect to pay for typical designs – just like the three below which are lifted straight from the pages of the web site –

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.44.49

Why do we do this – the majority of us work to budgets when it comes to designing your dream door we want you to be happy with your choice not disappointed that you have designed a door beyond your budget.

If you want a similar thrill to the kids gazing in the toy shop window – fire up your computer or tablet and log into Composite Door Prices you might just surprise yourself and being unable to resist taking advantage of our vast array of doors for every style of home.

Ian Richardson

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