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Since the introduction of the 5 pence levy the following scenario is one which we are sure the majority of us have experienced – shopping in basket or trolley you hit the checkout – “have you brought your own bags – love / dear etc “(sir and madam seem to have disappeared from the vocabulary) when you advise that you have forgotten the offending article you are offered the following options – (which of course we have had some fun with)

“ Ok love, we can offer you the following –

Our 5 pence bag its flimsy and weak and guaranteed to break before you reach you car embarrassing you by dropping your shopping on the supermarket floor or worse still all over the car park

Our recommended 10 pence plastic carrier guaranteed to get your shopping home but please do not try to use it again.

Our plastic “Bag for Life” – for 25 pence – well not so much for life but you will get a couple of uses out of it

Or our “Fair Trade Bag for life “for a £1 – a hessian mix manufactured by dusky maidens in a sweat shop in Chittagong (Bangladesh) it will serve you well provided you do not accidently set it alight- but at least it is sort of biodegradable a lot quicker and better than the plastic ones.”

Hands up those who have not bought the fair trade bag only for it to fray and fall apart in weeks.

In these days of ECO conscious awareness where forgetting to take your own carrier bags to the supermarket is now a cardinal sin, it has certainly made most of us aware of the importance of quality packaging. Here at Composite Door Prices we simply vet and advise those which we consider to be the best quality, value for money doors available to any potential customer visiting our web site. The quality colours and styles and the availability of accessories is a very important part of the criteria by which we judge our doors but we consider much, much more before we accept a door on our web site – durability, performance, security and of course “packaging”.

A new front door may be expected to last for thirty years but it takes a long time for the bitter taste of frustration to disappear if your door is delivered damaged or with parts missing etc which frustrate the installation – we know this problem very well – Composite Door Prices – are part of the GFD Group of companies and a number of our other outlets Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door also install doors. At Composite Door prices our philosophy is simple if it is not good enough for ourselves it is not good enough for our customers – we have therefore worked with our suppliers to ensure that every door we recommend comes adequately protected – see through shrink wrapping – corner protection and all loose parts separately packaged against a checked inventory and securely fixed within the packaging along with all the certification and guidance notes you would expect of a door of this quality.

Next time your thinking of purchasing a new front door beware of the 5 pence packaging option – look for a bit of care and consideration on behalf of the supplier or alternatively you could just stick with our Composite Door Prices web site knowing that this is only one of the items we have assessed in selecting your potential new front door



Packaging Matters
Article Name
Packaging Matters
Since the introduction of the 5 pence levy the following scenario is one which we are sure the majority of us have experienced – shopping in basket or trolley you hit the checkout
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