Solidor Composite Doors are better at the right Price!

Nothing quite shows off how good a product is as much as seeing the real thing! We don’t mean in the sterile environment of a showroom, rather, Real Solidor Timber Composite Doors, installed into real customers homes.

Every day, Mon-Fri our teams are busy installing Genuine Solidor Timber Composite Doors, to homes throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Each door is protected with DGCOS protection as well as secured with Ultion Locks, ensuring our customers homes not only look fantastic, but provide an unrivalled level of security protection.

We’ve showcased some of our recent installs below, which help demonstrate both the versatility of the ranges, but also of the possibilities of choices, finishes, colours and designs. From doors installed as part of a new renovation project to doors installed as the final piece of a homes facade, we’ve got our customers covered.