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The list just keeps growing there are now multiple comparison webs sites for an endless array of services and products but to the best of our knowledge here at Composite Door Prices we are still the only one who provides our customers with the low down on the best buys in the composite door market

We at Composite Door Prices are constantly vetting changing and upgrading our web site to bring you the very latest to bring you the most correct information at the time and just to prove it here is one of our own errors – take a look at the image below which also appears in our “Composite Door Prices -Why?” blog posted in April (which was actually a quite informative blog)


And compare this with our headline banner taken today from the website –


Spot the difference – it’s not easy and we wrote it –

“We’ve been there and done that! So you don’t have to! Whether it’s for DIY or to be Professionally fitted! We’ve go(t) you covered”

We missed a “t” we found we missed it and we corrected it if we can check our own work in such detail just think of the effort that we put in to make sure that which we tell our customers is the best information available.

We gave you a sneak preview of new colours and designs in our “more choices coming your way “ blog in April and now they are all there in the web site and just to make it easier for all of our prospective customers we have updated and streamlined our “door designers” to make it that bit easier for all of our customers to ensure they get the door they really want at the price they really want to pay.

As we say on our web site –

“We’ve done the research and hard work, so you don’t have too!

Searching for the right door at the right price can be a minefield – trust us we have been there! That’s why we’ve created a single website to compare the leading brands of doors. These are all doors that we have put through their paces over the years, so we know they are the real deal.”


And best of all we are not governed by restrictive opening hours – because we an online company you can check those comparisons with us any hour of the 24 in the day



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