Retaining the Heritage

Our exquisite 1930's Composite Doors are designed to keep the character of true period homes, and also offer the latest in security and thermal technology.

The 1930's Composite

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The London Door

The London

The Alnwick Door

The Alnwick

The Edinburgh Solid Door

The Edinburgh Solid

The Berkley Solid Door

The Berkley Solid

The Berkley 2 Door

The Berkley 2

The Edinburgh 2 Door

The Edinburgh 2

1930’s Style Composite Doors

Our Edwardian 1930’s style composite front door is perfect for retaining the character of original 1930’s timber doors.

Countless homes across the UK still feature this original 1930’s design, and many people don’t want to compromise on this timeless look.

If your original 1930’s door is looking a little tired, draughty, or you are just sick or painting it – this is the perfect solution. Enjoy the benefits of a high security, thermally efficient door without compromising on character.

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1930’s Composite Door Colour Range


1930s Composite Door Colours

1930s Composite Door Colours


1930s Composite Door Colours

1930s Composite Door Colours


1930’s Composite Doors

The Heritage

This stunning hardware range has an antique feel, perfect for cottages, country inspired homes and period houses. All accessories are handmade, and available in antique black or traditional pewter. Please note that only certain items are available in pewter, please use our online door designer to view the available options.


The below are available in black and pewter

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.37.33

1930’s Composite Doors


Embrace the future of door technology with these digital locking options.

1930’s Composite Doors


The Yale Digital Rimlock

  • Replaces existing rim cylinder used on a 60mm backset nightlatchs
  • Touchscreen with backlit keypads
  • Battery operated
  • Low battery indicator with emergency battery connections
  • User codes and settings remain if batteries are replaced
  • 3 minute lock out if code is entered incorrectly 5 timess
  • For use on timber doors

1930’s Composite Doors


The Yale Keyfree

  • Touch screen keypad
  • Wireless & battery operated
  • Only suitable to fit a 60mm backset nightlatch
  • Simple to programme & change your 4 -12 digit PIN code
  • User codes and setting remain if batteries are replaced
  • Fake PIN feature keeps your PIN code secret and safe
  • 3 minute lock out if the code is entered incorrectly 5 times

1930’s Composite Door Hardware Range

We offer a great selection of furniture to compliment this door, available in white, gold, black, chrome and stainless steel.

1930’s Composite Doors

The Modern

The modern suite is our selection of more definitive door hardware, including a range of lever operated handles, knockers and accessories. Our suite has a subtle modern feel that perfectly compliments our high quality composite doors. The modern suite is all about choice, and give you plenty of options to personalises your door and make it unique.


The below are available in black, gold, brushed, chrome, black chrome & white

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.37.49