A house without a door would be???

Like an RIBA award winner???

“House Lessans” this years winner designed as the RIBA state as  – A beautiful new house sits within a carefully orchestrated architectural ensemble formed of an existing barn, a new forecourt, a discrete bedroom block with private courtyard, and expansive living spaces which look out onto a wonderful green rolling landscape.

Their opinion not necessarily everyone’s – the house is the building on the left.

Here at Composite Door Prices we like to think we know a thing or two about doors – we recognise them for what they are a means of entering and leaving your home that should add style, security and thermal insulation benefits to your home – all of the reasons we have chosen “Composite Doors” as our product of choice.

A House without a door would be –

  1. Cold and draughty
  2. Not very secure
  3. Not very thermally efficient

In other words, we take them for granted – we expect it to be there working and functional 24/7 for 365 days a year.

We brought this very same concern to our readers in a blog from a year ago “Something new on the home of GBBO”  where we both openly admitted that we at Composite Door prices “ are obsessed by doors” and referenced and bemoaned the lack of mention of front doors in any of the RIBA houses of the Year for 2018. Clearly no one at the RIBA ever reads our blogs because the 2019 awards have come and gone the seven short listed houses all had their various merits and the RIBA judges waxed lyrical about everything from “rammed concrete” walls through floating staircases plus the all the normal ECO benefits they possessed – even windows got a mention –

Quote re the Black House (one of the finalists)

“The fully glazed end wall of the main living space frames a spectacular view across the water to rugged hills on the other side of the inlet, while reflected light provides an everchanging pattern across the white interior.

But the oft forgotten taken for granted front door yet again goes unnoticed – its enough to make any self-respecting door manufacturer, supplier, installer despair knowing that they are so far down the “pecking order” that they have become the forgotten product of the RIBA awards.

There is also a certain irony about this year’s winner – where invariably the chosen houses come with substantial budget the winner “the House Lessans” was built for a more realistic budget of £335,000 the sort of budget which would have lent itself to a nice “Composite Door”. For all we know this may have been the door of choice, but if it was a never got a mention.

If you are a discerning customer who is looking for a new front door and who is working within a realistic budget and who is looking for a quality Composite Door that adds style, security and thermal insulation benefits to your home you may not find what you are looking for in the RIBA awards but you certainly will find it at “Composite Door Prices” – the best place you can choose to start your search.