A warm welcome back


A warm welcome back and a sincere wish of a Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all customers past, present and future of Composite Door Prices

The first day back after any kind of break always seems like a chore – and here at Composite Door Prices it is no different but its time to shake off the merriment of the last two weeks tune in and switch on because our customers need us. The weatherman is predicting a cold snap and we all know how awful the next three months weather can be rain, snow, gales, freezing temperatures and some lucky person out there might suffer them all. That some one could be you and we know that you would much prefer to be safe warm and secure behind a new front away from those cold draughts and the consequent increasing energy bills.

We already have our list of jobs

1 Take down the Christmas tree

2 Remove the decorations

3 Remove the remnants of the last day Christmas lunch (no one needs two-week-old sausage rolls etc)

4 Hoover

5 Clean the stains off the carpet

And to the business end of things

6 Check the servers

7 Fire up the computers

8 and just before we get into work mode – take the morning coffee break to discuss the Prezzies, Christmas day over indulgence, Boxing Day boozing, New Year’s Eve partying, the hangovers, the footie and the soaps, (saves doing it all for the rest of the week)

Come 10.30am – our Customers rule and we hit full sales / customer satisfaction mode on the run.

We topped off 2018 by telling all our readers about the new innovations in the glass range for our Solidor doors with articles on both the new Art Décor and Jo Downs exclusive ranges

Your own little piece of original art

A great ending makes for an even better beginning

Which was excellent news but even better was to come when on the eve of the holidays Solidor released a selection of new styles and colours the news came to late to squeeze it in here but we covered it on our sister site Timber Composite Doors with an article –

Too late for this year’s Christmas list – but great for 2019

And a new web page where we previewed the Solidor

Christmas advert on channel 4 with all the new styles and colours

These great additions to the Solidor range came a little too late to allow our software gurus time to update all of our web sites (and we are not so heartless that we would cancel their Christmas) but whilst others were hard at work tidying the office they were excused this duty as they were already hard at work cutting, pasting and coding to ensure that we provide all of our customers with these new offerings at the earliest opportunity.

With so many new options it is a great way to start 2019 for our Sales team and it could be just as great for you if you choose Composite Door Prices as your route to a new front door.