Arched Composite Door – Universal Arches and Solidor team up


universal--arch-solidor-imageFor the lucky few who have beautiful bespoke front doors where the head of the door is shaped to match the curve of the frame the nightmare of replacing this well loved and stylishly crafted entrance to your home may now be over. With the arrival of a new product styled by two of the most respected names in the industry the need to employ an army of tradesmen to manufacture the perfect curved wooden frame and the shaped timber door, all at an excessive cost, are about to become a distant memory.

Solidor one of the premier names in composite door manufacture have been working with Universal Arches one of the premier names in building plastics and  profiling bending for some time in order to supply arched combination frames, which take standard shaped door slabs. However, the latest collaboration goes much further and is truly innovative in respect of the new product, which combines arched top composite doors with matching frames.
The respective spokespersons for each of the companies have praised the other for their commitment to this venture which they jointly believe will prove a long and fruitful partnership in the manufacture of a range of arched and gothic head doors that will satisfy this niche, but important market segment.
The new product is available now from us, as an addition to their already expansive range of composite door options – each of the arched top composite doors with matching frames will be manufactured to bespoke sizes but will also be designed so as to be able to incorporate any door design, (all of which are available in 17 colours) including glass and hardware options from the company’s latest 44 page catalogue
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