Are Composite doors soundproof?

Are Composite doors soundproof

Your Composite Door Questions Answered.

Are Composite doors soundproof?

When it comes to listing all of the benefits of Composite doors their soundproofing credentials sometimes get a mention but they are not normally very high on the radar. The reason is simple soundproofing is not a main design criterion such as strength and durability, stylish good looks, low maintenance and longevity, for a Composite Door enhanced soundproofing is an add on benefit.

Only when you come to install a Composite Door do you actually realise just how much of the noise of the outside world it blocks out, suddenly the internal hall, lobby of your home seems a little more tranquil and peaceful.

It may not be a design critical item, but the very construction of a Composite Door comprises a number of elements that enhance soundproofing –

The typical Composite Door at 44mm thick is a little thicker than comparative front doors, the closely bonded relationship between the core of your door whether it be a CFC-free insulating polyurethane (PU) foam or laminated hardwood core and the external skins of minimum 2mm thick GRP create a dense block which assists in the prevention of sound transfer.

As all Composite doors are factory manufactured under stringently controlled quality conditions this also enhances their soundproofing qualities, when a composite door leaves the factory, it does so as a “Door Set”. A “Door Set” it is a pre-assembled unit of door and frame which not only guarantees that the door and frame will fit snugly when installed it also ensures that all draughtproofing can be installed in the factory guaranteeing that it will work and when you have quality draughtproofing the sealing of any gaps/voids around your door and such items as your letterplate will minimise / reduce the transfer of sound.

For years we have all benefitted from double glazing which we know reduces heat loss and sound transference and any glazed panel in a Composite Door benefits from this technology – glazed panels which will be a minimum of double glazed and quite commonly triple glazed will arrive with your door as pre-manufactured cassettes. This means the unit is sealed at the factory, it is then clipped and bead installed from the interior of the door for enhanced security providing an attractive feature which again enhances the sound transference quality of your door.

Composite Doors are not designed to be soundproofed but their very construction ensures that your home will be that little bit quieter on the inside.