Author: Ian Richardson

A house without a door would be???

“House Lessans” this years winner designed as the RIBA state as – A beautiful new house sits within a carefully orchestrated architectural ensemble formed of an existing barn, a new forecourt, a discrete bedroom block with private courtyard, and expansive living spaces which look out onto a wonderful green rolling landscape.

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming Once upon a time not that long ago in fact, but definitely pre “Game of Thrones”, if someone used the phrase “Winter is Coming” they simply meant what the phrase said i.e. that winter was coming – now post “Game of Thrones” anyone using the phrase is more likely to be asked … Continued

A warm welcome back


A warm welcome back and a sincere wish of a Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all customers past, present and future of Composite Door Prices The first day back after any kind of break always seems like a chore – and here at Composite Door Prices it is no different but its time to … Continued

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