Door-stop adjustable butt hinge


adjustable hingeDoor-stop adjustable butt hinge.

When it comes to installing any new door there are two key factors that can make life so much easier, firstly a square frame because without it you will be dependent upon the versatility of the second key factor, without a square frame a quality installation will be dependent upon the adjustment you are able to achieve from your butt hinges.

This task has just made a whole lot simpler when you purchase a Door-Stop door from ourselves it will come with the option of “Trojan 3D adjustable butt hinges” which are fitted as standard as part of their Yale hardware package. The major benefit of Trojan 3D hinge is the previously mentioned flexibility, not only is it easy to install but once installed it can be adjusted in all planes in seconds, thereby, significantly reducing the time taken to adjust to achieve correct alignment of your door.

When you request the “Trojen3D adjustable hinge” as an option you can be assured that you are purchasing a product that has been thoroughly tested to the highest standards to ensure its corrosion resistance and operational durability and as it is available in white as a standard colour it will not only match the inside of your door but that as the slim features of the hinge all but make it disappear once installed the cosmetic issues of unsightly hinges will be a distant memory.