Fire Doors – The Glass we all hated

Fire Doors The Glass we all hated – Georgian wired

Georgian Wired obscure glass did not look good but it worked and as a product of its time it would be impossible to say very much it did not fulfil the specification it was designed for. However, if you are currently looking for a Glazed Fire Door you will be pleased to note that the aforementioned glass is a thing of the past. Glass has moved on and there are now a vast array of glass products of various thicknesses and specifications to suit any manner of applications – after all if we can send rockets with glazed screens into space the production of glass to withstand half an hour flame spread should be easy and today it is.

When we at Composite Door Prices carry out our extensive vetting procedures for doors we check everything and the glass for our fire doors is no exception. In the UK if the average individual was asked to name a glass manufacturer the only one that most of them would consider would be the one that has pretty much become a household name for glass in the UK and that company is Pilkington’s.

The glass specified for all Composite Door Prices fire doors is Pilkingtons Pyrodur Plus 7mm thick fire-resistant glass which is to quote from their own specification sheet

  • Pilkington Pyrodur®Plus provides 30 minutes integrity and 15 minutes insulation with a class 2(B)2 (BS EN 12600) impact safety rating
  • Clarity and options for decorative effects e.g. sandblasting or film application
  • Offers a low cost, short term (15 minutes) insulation to give you options when considering your evacuation strategy in the event of a fire
  • Can be used in some of the lightest density and slimmest timber frame profiles
  • Also suitable for steel and fire rated composite frames
  • Tested and approved in a wide range of fire-resistant glazing gaskets and sealants
  • Can be incorporated into sealed double-glazed units but in order to comply with CE marking requirements these should only be sourced through attestation level 1 suppliers, who are accredited to or licensed for manufacture of Pilkington Pyrodur®Plusfire-resistant sealed units


If the glass to be incorporated in a fire door is tested independently and then retested when it comprises a component of a fire door you can be sure of one thing – and that is that it works and Pyrodur works.

It is not so long ago that anyone purchasing a fire door would have asked the question “Why risk putting glass in a Fire Door?” the answer to which comes in two parts –

  1. The technical response – if you have a clear panel you can see the cause of the fire and determine whether the Fire brigade needs to be called or whether it can be addressed by the householder
  2. The aesthetic response – Fire doors have changed in their appearance they are no longer clumsy, clunky or any other adjective you prefer, they now are manufactured to look the same as any other domestic front door, same styles same colour and the same use of glazed panels

At Composite Door Prices we offer our two choices of Fire-resistant glass

Find out more about our FD30 (30 minute fire resistant range) by visiting the fire proof doors page on our web site