For When you Just have to Have the extra touch of style

For when you just have to have that extra touch of style.

You can design the interior of your home to make it look like a photograph from a trendy magazine – which is great but what about the all-important focal point where the interior meets the exterior. The majority of us want to maximise the view of our garden or exterior areas because when you get it “right” it makes your whole home feel bigger, lighter and airier. The easiest solution to this dilemma is to whip out your existing patio doors / window knock down a few bits of wall, remembering to put in a new extended lintel and swap the old for something new and that something new is a bi-fold doors here at GFD HQ (Composite Door Prices is part of the GFD Group) when we talk Bi folds we do not mean just any old Bi fold we mean the superb WarmCore Homes Bi fold. We have already extolled the virtues of this superbly engineered door in a couple of previous blogs where we concentrated more on the aesthetics and the fact that it was the latest acquisition to our group, but we have not waxed quite so lyrical about the quality of engineering and the high specification of these doors – that is until now.

Some Bi- folds are made from UPVC, some are made from aluminium and some are made from timber but the WarmCore Homes bi-fold door benefits from the continuous development of technology and is a truly Warm -Cored door being a composite of two materials, the wider than usual multi chamber orange resin thermal core- which is hidden away in the finished aluminium framed door – is key to why WarmCore Homes doors are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional UPVC or aluminium single component doors.

Specifically engineered for British weather- guaranteed to keep out all that driving wind and rain and anything else the elements can throw at them these doors are triple weather sealed at all sash locking points and use run through rubber gaskets to create continuous weather seals.

A door that performs this well also needs to look good – and this range of doors has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing ranges currently available – nothing has been forgotten from the anodised colour coded frames,

the stylised stacking handles the beautifully engineered runners on the bi-fold doors – detail is key.


Then you have the choice of Door configuration – opening in over to draw the outside into your room or out over which can greatly enhance your internal living space and as our doors come in widths up to 6.00metres and heights up to 2.40metres and we can produce them in any manner of configurations and glazed pane sizes (and that includes triple glazing) you specify we provide as either a “delivery only” service or as the majority of our customers prefer you can request our excellent installation service where you can be assured that the doors will be installed correctly.

When you need to add that extra touch of class to your home make our sister company WarmCore Homes your first point of call, or simply give us a call here at Composite Door Prices and leave the organisation to us – as they are our sister company we have the inside track on getting you the best possible deal.