How Are Composite Doors Made

Your Composite Door Questions Answered:

How Are Composite Doors Made?

The simple answer is, in a factory, in quality-controlled conditions, using state of the art technology and a selection of compatible materials that are married together to create a perfect solution for every home.

That is the easy answer, the harder answer is describing the component parts and their individual purposes as the name suggests – Composite – means it has to be manufactured from a number of constituent parts. When a composite door leaves the factory, it does so as a “Door Set” which means it is a pre-assembled unit of door and frame which not only guarantees that the door and frame will fit snugly when installed it also ensures that all draughtproofing can be installed in the factory guaranteeing that it will not go missing in transit.

Every door requires a frame and this is normally a steel or timber reinforced 70mm UPVC frame normally available in a choice of colours to compliment the door and complete with a cill / threshold of your choice either raised or a low version for wheelchair access which is normally Part M compliant to meet with Building Regulations

The door leaf starts with either a with CFC-free insulating polyurethane (PU) foam or laminated hardwood core set in a hardwood/ steel reinforced frame with locking and hinge blocks pre located during construction, banded at the edges with either a 2mm PVC or metal edging strip edging and faced each side with a 2mm GRP or similar cladding clamped and bonded to the core to produce a rigid construction, the GRP cladding ensures the skin of the door will not crack and the door itself will not twist or warp or require any redecoration – ever. The GRP cladding which comes in a range of colours is through coloured so it is highly resistant to any scrapes or scratches

All of the above sounds extremely boring, the exciting part about the construction of a Composite Door is the choice that they offer as the selected core and the GRP cladding can be cut to templates to match any door style your Composite Door is available in a huge range of styles, traditional, contemporary, cottage, etc the frames van be adapted to create door and sidelights and /or French Doors – add in the choice of door colours and textures (woodgrain effect) available the multitude of glazing and accessory choices and the versatility and adaptability of Composite Doors are virtually unlimited.

Solid Core Composite Door Construction
Solid Core Composite Door Construction