How are you going to fill that hole in the wall?

How are you going to fill that hole in the wall?

Just goes to show how times have changed once upon a time a “Hole in the wall” meant an area where brickwork had been removed, however now we more commonly associate the term with one of these – the machine that seems to give an endless flow of money – provided that you can remember your “pin” number.

Warmcore Homes Aluminium-Bi-Folding-Doors-New-Build-Exterior




This is more like that which we had in mind because we were of course referring to the building dilemma of how big should you make the opening and what are you going to fill it with a door or a window – definitely not the cash point option.

If you are considering a new build – you have all the options you can design whatever you want – but if you are considering an extension or a simple alteration your options may be governed by the layout of the existing premises.

What everyone needs when placed in this situation is a place they can go where they can view all of the options – variations on the door theme from one offs to bifolds with French doors thrown in along the way and preferably with a matching window style and maybe a conservatory option for the more adventurous. It’s a lot to ask, but if you are into online shopping and do not mind choosing your new product from a web site which contains excellent graphics and masses of techie stuff rather than getting into the showroom “touchie feelie” kind of shopping – there is a place where you can find everything you need.

Back in January in our blog “Front Doors, Composite Doors, Doors and now – Bi-Fold Doors” we advised how we had introduced our very own new kid on the block. WarmCore Homes a web site primarily to sell Bi fold doors, but now all of that has changed WarmCore Homes has itself evolved.

WarmCore Homes have it all single residential doors French doors, bi-fold doors and windows and they are all made from the revolutionary WarmCore profile–not one material but two a composite a UPVC core set inside an Aluminium frame –

providing the best of both products – from the Aluminium the precision engineered frames which can be manufactured to any size and which will be guaranteed to retain their strength and rigidity, to find out just how easy the online process can be and what is offered a read of the “Buy Bifold doors on line and experience the world” which featured recently on our WarmCore site will provide you with all the information you need to know.

Regarding the size of that hole in the wall, when you take advantage of the “Quick quote” designer on our web site we advise of the dimensional options available, we can manufacture units from

1500mm – 6000mm wide


2020mm -2400mm high

Which means we can provide you with the option to fill some quite sizeable holes.

The WarmCore profile offers incredible versatility when it comes to design all of our range are slightly different in design but they do have many features which are common to all –

  • Slim line aesthetically pleasing frames
  • Double or triple glazed units that ensure excellent thermal values
  • The introduction of thermal breaks in the frames to enhance “U” values even further
  • Smooth and sophisticated operating systems that glide rather than are dragged into position
  • Low thresholds that actually do prevent water ingress
  • Bright and colourful – white for UPVC or Grey for aluminium are a thing of the past – foils and powder coating have revolutionised the appearance.
  • Possibly the most important – price – WarmCore profile products are not the cheapest available but they are very competitively priced and the quality is second to none.

The WarmCore story just gets better – here at GFD HQ (WarmCore and Composite Door Prices are both GFD Companies) we would always recommend our own highly professional installation teams for your installation – and as our Installation service includes a full dimensional check and structural review we take care of all the little things that could frustrate your installation. However, we are well aware there are some very competent fenestration product installers and even DIY fanatics who can happily take on the task of installation and make the appropriate cost savings which is why we have recently modified the “Designer” on the WarmCore Homes web site to include a “delivery only” option.

WarmCore Homes and Composite Door prices between them they can provide everything you need to know in order to “fill that hole in the wall” to create your dream door or window.