Images Can Be Deceptive

They are both No.10’s and they are both excellent doors but with the greatest of respect to the occupants of the property on the left we doubt that the decisions taken within are such that they will impact the future of the nation. The door to the right is that of No.10 Downing Street the home of the Prime Minister, the property on the left is one of the superb gallery page photographs of Doors installed by ourselves – it’s a Solidor door, so the image can be found on our Timber Composite Doors web site and there lies a clue to the deception to which we refer.

Any visitor to the Composite Door Prices web site would, perfectly reasonably, believe that they were engaging with a company that traded solely in the marketing of various manufacturers doors and we agree that this the prime purpose of the site. However, anyone who delved a little deeper and researched the company would very soon discover that there was more to Composite Door Prices than they had originally thought. In fact, anyone who has read our blogs over recent years would have noted that on numerous occasions we refer to Composite Door Prices being a part of the larger GFD Group of companies we advertise rather than hide this fact because we always endeavour to run our business with complete transparency.

Take for example the following two blogs one from back in Spring of 2015 – “The benefits of using a Reseller for Composite Doors” (still an interesting read and still with the exception of the reference to Fusion Door which has been absorbed into the Trade Village all true) which contains the following paragraph –

“Composite Door Prices is a group company of one of the most successful online Door Resellers around- the GFD Group. As part of the GFD Group of companies all of the above and much, much, more is available to all of our customers. Check out our other web sites, Timber Composite Doors Global Door, Fusion Door and The Trade Village they are all targeted at slightly different markets but they all benefit from the excellent services that the GFD Group can provide.”

The other from only a few months ago “She’s coming home” where we welcomed the arrival of a new company Bi-Fold Door Prices to the GFD Family – the launch of this web site highlighted new products – products that we have actually historically been processing for some time for selected customers who wanted to benefit from our expertise in all matters fenestration.

The words of this blog particularly the underlined section provide the final clue to the deception to which we refer –

“The GFD group of companies are pleased to announce the birth of a new member to their rapidly growing family a sister company to Timber Composite DoorsGlobal DoorWarmCore Homes – Eurosecure and of course Composite Door prices to whom this new web site Bi-fold Door Prices becomes a first baby sister – to whom we say –

Welcome to our world Baby sister – bring it on home – we have looked you over once or twice and to say we were impressed would be an understatement – we see you have modelled yourself on our style and why not, you are family – and families stick together. At Composite Door Prices our various ranges and selection of composite doors is excellent and now you have taken the buying of Bi-fold doors to the same high degree of excellence making it a new level of ease of experience for your customers with so many choices and manufacturers to choose from all vetted by our tech team. Bi folds and so much more, with your choice of windows, rooflights and lantern lights – together we provide everything our customers could ever need to fit out that new extension or replace their existing fixtures and fittings.”

Bi-fold Door Prices and Composite Door Prices together can help you create the home you dream of, we are part of the evolution of the fenestration industry we are specialists in the world of doors and windows and are more than happy to share our knowledge with all prospective customers

The final clarification of the deception – Composite Door Prices are not a standalone company, we are part of a family of companies we have the knowledge and the know how to fulfil all of your fenestration needs whether it be a single door or fitting out your new home or extension, because that is the service we have already been providing for our customers for many years.