Traditional night latch door lock comes to Solidor


SD-heritage-lockSolidor Winkhaus AV2 Heritage Door lock. (Traditional night latch door lock)

The hardest doors to replicate as Composite doors are the traditional styles such as the Georgian or Edwardian door, doors that are visually unique by generally having a rim lock fixed at eye level on the opening jamb with a door knob fixed either at hand level on this same jamb or even central on the mid rail of the door.

The reason they are difficult to replicate is that  modern multi point locking systems have their key access and handle locking system central to the height of the door and this to the traditionalist is simply wrong.

When you purchase a Solidor Georgian or Edwardian door style from Composite Door Prices this problem disappears as these doors now feature  the Winkhaus AV2 Heritage Door Lock, a locking system which  satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking.

The AV2 Heritage Locking System has the euro profile locking cylinder at a similar height to a traditional round cylinder and the lock is operated automatically as soon as the door is closed eliminating the need for an external lever handle to operate the locking points, the lock can be deadlocked or opened externally by turning the key a quarter of a turn. Automatically locked when closed from the inside a key is then required to gain entry from the outside, however, from the inside the door can be opened by an internal thumb turn, again with a quarter turn.

German engineered and manufactured the AV2 is a quality product and is Police Secured by Design, PAS23/24 and VdS accredited.

Composite Door Prices offer the full range of Solidor door styles all of which are available in a choice of seventeen foiled colours a range of doors which is dramatically enhanced by this latest addition AV2 Heritage Locking system which will both supplement the current range of Avantis locks and security solutions and upgrade from the old key wind up and traditional rim lock previously used on Georgian and Edwardian doors.