If we can't supply it, Nobody Can!

We offer the best composite doors on the market today, and we like to think we can meet any requirement. Take a look at our complete composite door range.

Bespoke Composite Doors

timthumb-3A door with a difference a door that you have personally commissioned, designed and basked in the glow of all of the complimentary comments from friends and family – that’s a bespoke door. See all our Bespoke Composite Doors

1930’s Style Composite Doors

www.truedordesigner.co-2a certain style of door that is now categorised as a 1930’s style door a door that was difficult to replace if you wanted to retain the character and heritage of your property, until now, check out our 1930’s style composite doors

Contemporary Composite Doors

contempSQUARE3if you’re in the market for Contemporary Composite Doors, we’ve sourced the best range available in the market today from Solidor, Door Stop and IG Doors, discover our full range of contemporary composite doors

External Composite Doors

contempBOWFor an external door you require something that is durable secure, keeps out the weather and preferably low maintenance, so many options are available but there is a type of door that fulfils all of the above criteria and will always look good. Take a look at all our External Composite Doors

Composite Back Doors

timthumb-2The forgotten door, the tradesman’s entrance, it does not have to be this way Composite Doors are now so competitively priced that they are the perfect choice for not only the front door but the back door too. Take a look at our Composite Back Doors

Composite Front Doors

timthumb-8Replacing a door that has served you well for many years is never easy which is where Composite Door prices can come to your assistance because we have already sourced some of the best ranges currently available notably Solidor, Door Stop and IG Doors see all Composite Front Doors

Composite Doors & Side Panels

timthumbA new front door looks good, but a if you have a larger door opening that allows the incorporation of a side panel it will often look better. See which Composite Doors & Side Panels we can offer

Victorian Composite Doors

timthumb-9If you are the owner of a Victorian property and you are looking to replace your front door we have the perfect solution in our range of Solidor and Doorstop doors : learn more about our Victorian Composite Doors

Edwardian Composite Doors

truedor-high-performance-doorswe know how difficult it can be to match period doors to your property which is why we have started the job for you and sourced the best range available in the market today from Solidor, Door Stop and IG Doors see all Edwardian Composite Doors

Arched Composite Doors

archedsolidorFor the lucky few who have beautiful bespoke front doors where the head of the door is shaped to match the curve of the frame (arch leaf doors as they are known) the nightmare of replacing this well loved and stylishly crafted entrance to your home is now over, see our Arched Composite Doors

Composite Stable Doors

timthumb-12If you think that the only way that you can have a Stable Door is to have a bespoke timber door – you have been looking in the wrong places ! See our range of Composite Stable Doors

Modern Composite Doors

hardwareIf you need a new front door that is different and will add style to your property our range of Solidor, Door Stop and IG Doors will provide you with all of the choices you need to make your decision see all our Modern Composite Doors

Cottage Composite Doors

timthumb-10Composite Doors that offer all the benefits of a high security durable door but also have maintained that traditional rustic charm, see all Cottage Composite Doors available from Composite Door Prices

Composite French Doors

rdhome2One is good but two is better and the majority of the quality doors that Composite Door Prices have already sourced from Solidor and Door Stop and IG doors can be provided as French Doors, learn more about our Composite French Doors

Designer Composite Doors

weather-app-122Who would put a red door with a black frame and then round off the design with heavy black cast ornate hardware – someone who designs their own composite door that’s who??? In every walk of life we walk past, or look at everyday objects and say “I could have designed that better” See our complete range of Designer Composite Doors

Exterior Composite Doors

contempCLASSICExterior composite doors are not always external – a strange but true statement – a large and growing proportion of new homes are flats or apartments where the exterior door opens onto an internal corridor rather than a street. See our complete range of Exterior Composite Doors

Composite Fire Doors

FiredoorsThere are doors and there are fire doors, but the only fire doors that you can really trust are those which have been stringently tested and approved by a registered certifying body, only then will the doors be certified and an FD 30/ 60 etc certificate issued, learn more about our Composite Fire Doors