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Arch leaf doors

For the lucky few who have beautiful bespoke front doors where the head of the door is shaped to match the curve of the frame (arch leaf doors as they are known) the nightmare of replacing this well loved and stylishly crafted entrance to your home is now over. Gone is the need to employ an army of tradesmen to manufacture the perfect curved wooden frame and the shaped timber door all at excessive cost, now your door and frame can be replaced as easily as any other door thanks to the moulding techniques employed in the manufacture of Composite doors

As the name suggests these doors are made from a number of materials – compressed polyurethane foam or compressed hardwood – not only does this guarantee strength, the core material can also be moulded to mimic any door pattern or shape and the arch leaf door being one such example.

The majority of the Solidor doors that have been sourced by Composite Door Prices can be adapted to an arch leaf door styling so there are plenty of styles’ to choose from without the loss of the options of colour glazing and accessories.

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