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Looking to replace your front door?

If you are the owner of a Victorian property and you are looking to replace your front door we have the perfect solution in our range of Solidor and Doorstop doors – doors that are so good and so stylish, forged from many classic Architectural styles Jacobethan’ , Neo Renaissance and Queen Anne they are guaranteed to transform your home

Our range of Victorian doors are so emotive that they conjure images so realistic that you will believe that you are being transported back to that classic era of times gone by, of high fashion , gas street lamps shining out over cobble streets where horse drawn carriages were the transport of the day and doors were solid panelled and sombre in appearance but very dependable in construction.

The quality of our doors are equally as good as the originals but where simple dark colours were preferred by the Victorians we now offer an extensive range of colours and accessories so your new door will never need be as sombre as its forerunners.

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