Outward opening door restrictor

Door-Stop-door-restrictorOutward opening door restrictor.

Doors that open out, whether they be single or a pair of French doors have the huge benefit of creating more space where it matters most to you, inside your home. Unfortunately, whereas inward opening doors have the benefit that they are protected from the impact of the prevailing wind this is not the case with outward opening doors. There is little that is more frustrating and annoying than opening your outward opening door only to have the handle wrenched from your grip by the wind catching the door and then proceeding to swing backwards and forwards against the adjacent brickwork jamb.

If you recognise the above as a problem with which you are all too familiar and you are looking for a replacement outward opening door Composite Door Prices have the solution to your problem. During the autumn of 2013 one of our premier suppliers Doorstop redesigned their door restrictor to make it more adjustable and all but eliminate the “swinging door” problem. The new restrictor is within the existing gap between slab and frame, the head of the door has been pre-routed so as not to increase the space between door and frame thereby not impacting upon either the appearance of your door or compromising the draught seal. The door frame is not predrilled as the location of the fixing plate determines the degree to which the door can be opened and just to make it easy every outward opening door comes with a set of pictorial instructions to ensure correct installation.
Bruised fingers, twisted wrists and wind whipped doors can be a thing of the past if you order a Doostop door from Composite Door Prices.