Pick a door – any door!


Pick a door – any door, yes, we know it sounds just like the phrase used by many a magician of yesteryear – “pick a card – any card” and when it come to selecting a new front door it can be a bit of a lottery and any “magical” assistance has to be an advantage.

Take for instance the three doors above they all look smart and stylish; the colours are nice and they would possibly look very nice on the front of your property – but then of course there are the age-old problem –

Are they any good?

Will they perform the way they should both mechanically and in strength and weather resistance?

Will they last longer than it takes to install them?

Three typical questions raised by prospective purchasers of new front doors and to be honest we are not surprised – with the growth of “on-line” sales the choice facing any prospective customer is, frankly, enormous and getting to the bottom of what is good, will last and perform as stated is a minefield.

Fortunately for customers of Composite Door Prices the groundwork has already been done – as a part of the GFD Trading Group we have been selling and installing composite doors for over ten years – that’s a long time in this industry – and the reason for our longevity is that customers trust our judgement as is reflected in our Trust Pilot reviews and our Composite Door Prices web site uses all of that judgement. Every product that appears on this site has been vetted by our tech team for quality, performance, value for money and much more so if the door that you have a longing for appears on this web site you can be sure that it will provide you with years of style and performance.

We appreciate that when choosing a door so much is down to budget and personal preference which is why we offer more than one door manufacturer so that the customer has a choice – but even then, it is difficult – for some customers personal preference can even come down to the manufacturers name for the door.


Using this rather attractive black door as an example – it is typical of a style which looks the same for all manufacturers but carries many different names on our own Composite Door Prices this style of door is referenced as –

For Solidor Doors – A Stafford

For Doorstop Doors – A two Panel one Arch

For Virtuoso – A Claston

Plus the options of using the same styles for Fire doors French Doors etc

Hardly surprising deciding which door, you wish to purchase is so confusing.

To assist our customers, select the door they really want we provide “door designer” tools for each of our manufacturers in simple terms this means you can design the door which you want not the door the manufacturer wants to sell you.

Once you have designed your door you will want to know how it performs which is why we either provide the information in this web sites pages or provide links/references to our sister sites where you can find all the information you will need to make an informed decision. In those same pages you will find guidance/assistance to take advantage of our Installation deals (throughout the UK) 0% finance offers (for compliant customers) – Consumer Protection etc

In short, we take all the pain to allow you all the gain.

Pick a door – any door but make sure you make you visit the Composite Door Prices web site if you want a quality product at a competitive price that has already been vetted by experts in the business.


As part of the GFD Group of Companies, Composite Door Prices is about more than just doors!

Yes we do doors! Lots of them!

But  since 2008 we have worked with customers throughout the country who are wanting more than just a door. Often things start with a search for a door, then when we chat, the customers will tell us they are actually doing more work, bi fold doors, roof lanterns, windows and more.

We have worked with customers to achieve their desired results through the group and now have a new website for this service in the shape of GFD Homes, through which we offer the complete home improvement solution.

Take a look and let us know what you think.