Price Comparisons and ongoing service –

Price Comparisons and ongoing service –

You definitely will not find doors like this on our web site even if such a door did exist ?

At Composite Door Prices we realise that for many of our customers the choosing of a new front door can be somewhat stressful which is why we try to take the pain and hard work out of the selection procedure – we trade in composite doors we have the knowhow and experience to sort the good from the bad and that is exactly what we promise and deliver on our web site.

We do not feature cheap foreign imports that will warp, twist or shed their cladding and we do not feature doors that are so outrageously priced that they are beyond the reach of the average individual.

The Composite Door Prices web site offers quality doors at competitive prices, doors that look good on your typical UK dwelling that are tried and tested, doors that we would be, and are proud to have on our own homes.

Composite Door Prices are one of a number of companies which form the GFD Group of companies along with Timber Composite Door, Global Door and a number of others and one of the things that we at GFD Group take great pride in is our “CUSTOMER SERVICES” we are there to help all of our customers, not just with the sale of the door but also with any ongoing problems that may develop. When we say “customer service” we do not just mean on going teething problems or even product or installation warranty problems we are here to assist whatever the eventuality.

A recent case involved a customer for whom we had installed a new Solidor front door some two years ago through our Timber Composite Door subsidiary – imagine the horror of our customers when they were awoken at 4am in the morning by two intruders smashing a brick into the glass of their front door in an attempt to gain entry. Fortunately, the intruders did not gain entry the customer was not hurt and the Solidor door withstood the impact of the attack, although upon inspection in daylight it clearly showed signs of the assault upon it.

This door as with all doors supplied by Composite Door Prices was fitted with the Ultion lock (The lock that is recognised by the industry as the safest and most secure currently available for the domestic market) as well as the glass surviving the intruders also failed to break the lock.

In our customers own words –

“We were awoken at 4am this morning by 2 men in balaclavas trying to force entry to our house by smashing the glass in our front door.

They repeatedly smashed a brick into the glass – which held firm and prevented them gaining entry to our house.

It was the most terrifying experience my family has ever experienced.  The force and noise was such that it awoke neighbours 4 doors away.”


Throughout our web pages we feature items about the strength and durability of all the doors we provide and this customers experience provides the clear evidence that the doors are as good as we have always maintained they are.

At GFD Group we know that all of our doors when teamed with the Ultion lock make a pretty formidable team and we have actually previously featured a blog on our Timber Composite Door site called Quality doors; Quality locks: Solidor and Ultion where a customer’s door video camera shows two would be burglars giving up after trying to break an Ultion lock on a Solidor door. After this most recent incident maybe we should rename that blog Quality Doors; Quality locks and Quality Glass?

When the customer became aware of the severity of the damage that their door had incurred they contacted our Customer Services team for help in assessing the repair / replacement requirements and the tricky issue of informing Insurance company etc.

We have been assisting the customer every step of the way in liaising in order to make this difficult period as bearable as possible. In this instance “Toni” our very own GFD Group Customer Services Manager is singled out for special commendation – to quote our customer –

“I must praise Toni Lorriman, who my wife has been dealing with. She has been great in helping work out what is required”

We shall be continuing to assist in this matter for as long as it takes because that is the sort of customer service we want to provide.

As Toni, head of customer services at GFD Group commented,

“it may sound a bit clichéd, but the ethos of the company and all the team here is simply to supply the best products at the best price to our customers, and if there is a problem at any time, treat it as we would if it was our home. I can really sympathise with Mr & Mrs W, I’ve worked hard with Solidor and our fitting team, along with the customer’s insurers to ensure we can get a new door made to their exact needs and installed before Christmas. I’ve also taken the liberty of giving the family free Ultion locks for the other doors in their home, so their family can enjoy the festivities, safe in the knowledge, their home is protected.”

And that’s the kind of service you can expect when you purchase a door from Composite Door Prices and when the prices are as competitive as these with guaranteed quality service why would you not make Composite Door Prices your first place to look for that new front door particularly when prices are as good as these.

GFD Group incorporating Composite Door Prices quality products backed up by quality service you can trust.