She’s Coming Home!


Welcome to a new addition to our family

The GFD group of companies are pleased to announce the birth of a new member to their rapidly growing family a sister company to Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, WarmCore HomesEurosecure and of course Composite Door prices to whom this new web site Bi-fold Door Prices becomes a first baby sister – to whom we say –

As we all know websites cannot talk but if they could we know exactly what this website Composite Door prices would be saying and it goes something like –

“Welcome to our world Baby sister – bring it on home – we have looked you over once or twice and to say we were impressed would be an understatement – we see you have modelled yourself on our style and why not, you are family – and families stick together. At Composite Door Prices our various ranges and selection of composite doors is excellent and now you have taken the buying of Bi-fold doors to the same high degree of excellence making it a new level of ease of experience for your customers with so many choices and manufacturers to choose from all vetted by our tech team. Bi folds and so much more with your choice of windows, rooflights and lantern lights – together we provide everything our customers could ever need to fit out that new extension or replace their existing fixtures and fittings.”

Bi-fold Door Prices and Composite Door Prices together can help you create the home you dream of, we are part of the evolution of the fenestration industry we are specialists in the world of doors and windows and are more than happy to share our knowledge with all prospective customers


Bi Folding Door Prices
Bi Folding Door Prices