Solidor brochure


new-solidor-brochureNew Solidor brochure released.

Looking for a new door but you are not comfortable with the internet and prefer the touch and feel of a brochure, Composite Door Prices has just what you are looking for. One of our premier suppliers Solidor have produced a brochure that is so good it is fast becoming a collector’s item, with sixty pages packed full of specification information, informative text and beautifully photographed gloriously life like doors you cannot fail to be impressed.

Solidor have long prided themselves on their ECO credentials as they are one of the few suppliers to manufacture composite doors with a solid and fully sustainable hardwood core, as they themselves state in their advertising anyone can feel the difference when they take the “Knock Knock” test, which gives as they themselves say “the feel of a Solidor.”

This is a brochure that covers everything you need to know from their environmental credentials and quality standards to the door styles and colours, the accessories and glazing options, and everything is photographed in as realistic a setting as possible so as to illustrate the quality of all of the components and products. This is no simple task when there are 10 standard door designs, along with French Door, Stable Door and side frame options and the inclusion of the luxurious Italia Collection and they are available in seventeen different door colours / finishes including industry firsts Mocha, Rich Aubergine, Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue, French Grey and Irish Oak. The accessories and glazing options are not simply listed as in many competitors’ brochures, the handles, the letter plates, the door knockers and even the Avantis lock, which provides for the largest deadbolt in the UK and multiple glazing styles for every door they are all there displayed with total clarity.

Customers who purchase a Solidor door from Composite Door Prices will also benefit from the Solidor 12 years warranty, which covers all aspects of the door and multi-point locking mechanism.

Give us a call and we will forward a copy of the brochure, check it out for yourself, make the decision and when you decide to purchase simply get back in touchl and we will take it from there.