Solidor The best Christmas present you could get this year


Much as we at Composite Door Prices would like to wrap our doors for the forthcoming month in sacks such as this, unfortunately there are rules and regulations which present us from doing so, but the good news is if you order now you could still have a French Grey Genoa part of the (Solidor Contemporary Collection) fitted for Christmas.

It is a bit self-indulgent to treat your home to a new front door just because it is the festive season but just think of the benefits it would bring you not only for this winter but for many subsequent summers and winters

Thermally efficient with factory installed draught proofing = instant cost savings on heating bills

Stylish good looks, colours and accessories = envious family, friends and neighbours

Minimal maintenance (a wipe with a damp cloth) and a life span of circa 30 years = lazy hazy days

The more you consider the facts the more of a lifestyle benefit a new front door could bring to your life.

The Genoa is only one of a huge collection of doors which features on our web site pages, we are talking four manufacturers and a multitude of styles, colours and accessories, something in fact to suit any taste and budget and we give you all of the specification details to help you make your choice. Plus, if you’re not really sure of what you actually want, you can have endless hours of fun designing and redesigning your door until it is exactly what you want – maybe not as much fun as the kid’s video games – but a lot more rewarding in the long term.

Of course, we do not expect you to install your new front door – that’s what we are here for our excellent installation teams operate right throughout the UK so we are almost always local to you which means our installation rates are very competitive.

When you make your first visit to our web site you will feel just like the proverbial child in a toy shop, we can almost guarantee (there is always someone who wants their door in an usual colour such as “puce” or “claret” or “sky blue pink”) you will be spoilt for choice.

PS If “puce” or “claret” or “sky blue pink” actually appear as a recognised RAL colour- for a premium cost we could even supply a door in these colours.