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A house without a door would be???

“House Lessans” this years winner designed as the RIBA state as – A beautiful new house sits within a carefully orchestrated architectural ensemble formed of an existing barn, a new forecourt, a discrete bedroom block with private courtyard, and expansive living spaces which look out onto a wonderful green rolling landscape.

A warm welcome back


A warm welcome back and a sincere wish of a Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all customers past, present and future of Composite Door Prices The first day back after any kind of break always seems like a chore – and here at Composite Door Prices it is no different but its time to … Continued

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Looks Familiar!

Looks familiar   Kids gazing in expectation into a toy shop window is a dead give-away that a certain time of year is rapidly approaching – a time when they will be preparing their “wish lists” for the big day We at Composite Door Prices try to provide a similar feeling of expectation for all … Continued

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