Take two doors – Composite Door Prices can where others cannot!

Take two doors – Composite Door Prices can where others cannot!



Two doors each unusual in their own way, one, because it has a cat flap and the other because of the choice of colour – Pink is not everyone’s first choice –neither of these doors look as if they should pose any problem to most Composite Door suppliers/manufacturers – but they do for many, but not for Composite Door prices.

The typical composite door manufacturer/supplier wants to sell doors by volume with as few “unusual extra’s” as possible – unusual extra’s take Sales team time to organise at a cost which invariably exceeds the monies that can be recouped for the cost of the extra – all of which impacts the bottom line profit.

Ever considered why most manufacturers / suppliers offer “zillions “of variations of combinations of styles, colours, glazing and hardware accessories – answer so the customer will find what they want and forget the “unusual extras”. The response to the request “do you provide cat flaps?” to the majority (but not all) of Composite Door manufacturers /suppliers will be a straight “No” or something like “the construction of the door does not allow for it”. Ask for a Pink door and you will get a similar sort of response i.e. “it’s not a standard or premium colour”.

It must have been extremely refreshing for the owners of these two front doors when they approached Composite Door Prices part of the GFD Group of companies – because we take time vetting our products for our customers before we place them in our web site means we are never just dealing with a single company and if a request is made to us that we cannot actually do ourselves, we probably “know a man who can” which means that we can organise and provide a lot of the “unusual extra’s” that others cannot.

A request to ourselves for these extras would probably draw the following responses –

“Do you provide cat flaps?” – response – how big is the cat just so we get the right size flap

“A pink door?” – response – No problem, any preferred shade a “blush” or maybe more of a “strawberry”

Our Sales Team are used to the unusual requests and in the main we have already been there seen and provided what the customer wants – we know which doors will take a cat flap in this case it is one of our “Virtuoso” range and we know specialists in coating techniques who can supply any RAL colour standard to Composite Door – in this instance it is one of our Solidor doors but the coating technique can be used on any Composite Door. Advice such as this is pretty standard to our team and it is just a tiny fragment of their combined knowledge.

At each of the Companies in the GFD Group our Sales Teams will endeavour to provide the customer with exact door that fits their requirements – no matter how unusual the “unusual extra’s” request maybe, we have built our reputation on the quality of our product and service – which is why we can say “we can when others cannot.”

Post Script – if we had received a request for a merged version of the above doors i.e. a pink door with a cat flap could we have assumed that this guy was responsible for the order???????