The benefits of using a reseller for Composite Doors

Choosing a Composite Door Company

The benefits of using a reseller for Composite Doors

A new door is what you want -but where you will get the best service or the best deal, who should you consider and whom should you discard. There are good alternatives and there are bad alternatives when it comes to making your choice some will work for you, others may not. At Composite Door Prices we try to guide our customers n all matters re Doors so here is our rough guide as to the points you should consider when making your choice of supplier.

The High Street Retailer – with modern door ranges being so extensive and the cost of floor space so high that it would be unreasonable for any retailer to stock the full range, however, good stockists of a particular range should have sufficient examples to allow the touch and feel of the door to be tested. The stocked doors will normally be the most popular or the most competitively priced and rarely will the top end of the range doors be catered for.

Installation services may be provided but they may be of questionable reliability. Similarly although most door manufacturers guarantee their products getting the High Street retailer to pass on or honour them is not always the simplest of tasks.

Manufacturers, when they have direct sales (an ever reducing number) will normally have a showroom displaying examples of all of their doors, the key phrase being “their doors” therefore choice may be limited – if they have what you want all you have to do is navigate the salesman and agree a specification and price and you can walk away a happy customer.

The same cannot be said in situations where a Sales person is directed to your home, everyone has their own story of such encounters. “would not leave” ,” Managers special discounts to buy today” etc The price from the manufacturer should always be competitive, but always remember they are generally selling you only a single door which will always be more expensive than when a quantity of doors are bought and a discount price can be negotiated .

Installation will generally be by the manufacturers own teams and can be very good indeed but often at a premium price. A reputable manufacturer will always give product guarantees but not necessarily installation guarantees so getting the installers back if something fails may not always be easy.

Your local builder or joiner, if you know him and you trust him why not, he will probably be reliable and accommodating but you will have to direct him to a door you want and he will have to purchase from the manufacture, where, unless he is an accredited account holder he is unlikely to get the best price. With this style of purchase and installation your product will be guaranteed and we would hope that as the tradesman is known to you he can be relied upon to do the correct thing should things go wrong

The Online Reseller –such as Composite Door Prices let’s start with simple premise – manufacturers manufacture and resellers sell. An online reseller is a company who uses a web site to display its products whereby they can create a virtual showroom and display every door a manufacturer makes or in some cases such as Composite Door Prices – the ranges of multiple manufacturers. A good Reseller will already have a trading relationship with the door manufacturer whose goods they sell and therefore because the reseller buys volume the prices they pay will have the benefit of very competitive discounts, add to this the fact that the reseller has limited overhead because they have no showrooms and they are normally the most competitively priced doors available. The Reseller therefore wins on ability to display and price but loses out if the customer needs the touch and feel of the product.

Installation can be a strange one for Resellers as they do not always have the facility to carry out surveys or the knowledge to employ professionals, but there are companies in the Reseller market who provide very good installation of the highest quality using tried and tested companies rather than individuals. This is not a problem if you purchase your door from one of Composite Door Prices sister companies in the GFD Group of Companies – GFD Group companies now have a partnership arrangement with a nationally known installation company who operate nationwide, are massively experienced and authorised service providers to the Insurance market. Between our respective companies we have forged automatic computer driven processes that minimise the chance of error, if it works for us it works for you the customer ensuring that you get the installation service you want and deserve. An installation service that includes all of the following-

  • Dimension checking – GFD customers do not have to worry about errors in dimensions, within 48 hrs of receipt of your order a member of our survey team will contact you visit and verify all dimensions and check out and any other technical issues which may concern you. Only after we know your sizes are correct do we instruct the manufacture of your door
  • Multiple on site checking – when GFD installers turn up on your door step they check and double check all sizes parts etc and no strip out of your existing door takes place without this check.
  • Installers that care – all GFD installers have clear instructions to treat customer’s property with the respect; we know how upsetting it can be to have tradesmen in your home which is why we want to carry out your installation as quickly and efficiently as we can.
  • Return visits not an issue – As all of GFD installations are guaranteed for five years if you should have a problem during this period we will come back and rectify it, provided it is not as a result of wilful damage.

Where does a Reseller sit with guarantees? If the door manufacturer provides them these will or should always be passed onto the customer and if things go wrong providing you have chosen a Reseller with a good after sales service your guarantees will be honoured in full.

How do I choose an online Reseller – check out what they offer it should all be stated on their web site. The ideal Reseller will provide all of the following-

  • A “Virtual showroom” of all of the doors of your manufacturer of choice displaying colours, sizes glazing options and accessories
  • A facility to design and price your selected door on screen and the price should be very competitive
  • A facility on the web site which shows Gallery photographs of actual installations
  • A full administration back up – automated if possible so the customer is always aware of where they are in the purchase procedure.
  • Secure financial payment facilities
  • Guarantees underwritten by an independent body such as the DGCOS
  • A Reseller who provides a fully guaranteed survey and installation service, where all installations are carried out by a single company with a national network of depots, a company who are themselves experts in this field being fully accredited Installation and Repair engineers to the Insurance industry
  • Testimonials that are written by satisfied customers (or unsatisfied as the case may be) and are vetted by an independent organisation such as TRUST PILOT

So where can you find a company who can fulfil all of these requirements, if you are reading this in its original format on the web site of Composite Door Prices and you have already found the company that not only can do it all but has also already carried pout massive investigation of the “door” market to bring you the best deals and services.

Composite Door Prices is a group company of one of the most successful online Door Resellers around- the GFD Group. As part of the GFD Group of companies all of the above and much, much, more is available to all of our customers. Check out our other web sites, Timber Composite Doors Global Door, Fusion Door and The Trade Village they are all targeted at slightly different markets but they all benefit from the excellent services that the GFD Group can provide.

If you are reading this on some other web outlet – where have you been, we are waiting for your call to help you purchase the new door you deserve.

Choosing a Composite Door Company
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Choosing a Composite Door Company
A new door is what you want -but where you will get the best service or the best deal, who should you consider and whom should you discard. There are good alternatives and there are bad alternatives when it comes to making your choice some will work for you, others may not.