What is a GRP Composite Door ?

What is a GRP Composite Door?

Your Composite Door Questions Answered.

What is a GRP Composite Door?

A Composite door as the name suggests is composed of a number of products in its manufacture and the reference to GRP Composite doors is simply a recognition of the most visible of the component products – the 2mm thick through coloured cladding which forms the external skin of the door. The term GRP Composite Door could be used for any Composite Door as they are all constructed in basically the same manner and the only component material that is generally subject to change is the core material which can be either a CFC-free insulating polyurethane (PU) foam or laminated hardwood core whichever core is used it is set in a reinforced timber / metal frame and clad each side with 2mm GRP which forms not only an impervious weather barrier , which is completely immune to sun fade and bleaching. As GRP is a high impact and durable product the through coloured skins are very to resistant to both every day wear and tear of scratches or blemishes and also creates an impressive physical barrier to the burglar’s normal tools of hammer, chisel, crow bar etc When the two GRP skins are clamped and bonded to the core during the factory manufacturing process they provide the door with the rigidity the prevents it from warping or twisting when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

A typical composite door is 44mm thick of exceedingly strong construction, high in its security rating security, easy to maintain, provides excellent thermal efficiency with an anticipated lifespan of at least 35* years all of which means it represents excellent value for money.

The easy to maintain aspect of the 2mm GRP cladding is a major benefit – no annual/bi-annual repainting or re staining maintenance of the door comprises a simple occasional wipe with a damp cloth and maybe a little bit of polishing of the accessories, handles, letterplate etc.

The majority of manufacturers are now able to provide Composite Doors in circa eighteen colours, some giving the option of a white interior and a coloured exterior and if you love the touch and feel of wood a woodgrain option is available from many suppliers. The colour options combined with the multitude of styles in which Composite Doors can be manufactured means that invariably there is a door to suit everyone’s taste with in a typical range of composite doors, which is why Composite doors have now become the preferred choice of front doors for so many people