sm-solidorSolid Core Timber Composite Doors

What makes a Solidor different is the core of the door itself. A standard composite door will typically be foam-filled with a timber sub frame. The Solidor features a 48mm solid hardwood core, which gives the door a little more of a ‘solid’ feel that many customers look for.

And if your worried about the usual pitfalls of a timber door don’t be – a Solidor is impervious to warping and swelling, as the timber core is never exposed to the elements.

sm-solidorHuge Range of Colours

Oh, and Solidor also have the largest colour range available in the UK (OK now they are just showing off). The 18 colours are available on both sides of the door and 9 are available with a matching frame as well.

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Every Solidor boasts an impressive 12 year product guarantee, which covers both the door itself and the locking mechanism.

All glass is guaranteed for 10 years, and the hardware carries a 5 year guarantee. We find that a good clean once a month with some warm water and washing up liquid will keep the furniture looking brand new for many years.

If you go for an installation option as recommended by Composite Door Prices this will also come with a separate 5 year installation guarantee. .

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There is no denying that Solidor manufacture to the highest quality standards. They have achieved BSI ISO 9001, and the doors are BSI kite-marked for additional security.

Solidor’s have also been tested to PAS23-24 standards, meaning they are tested against extreme weather conditions and also brute force attacks. We always recommend when considering a new door that it should carry these accreditations.

You can also upgrade a door to meet Secured by Design, which is an accreditation meaning the door is police approved.

Energy Efficient Reinforcing

Rather than using steel reinforcing, the Solidor uses Werbar, which is a 100% eco-friendly alternative. It’s good to know this is good for the planet, but it also outperforms steel and aluminium when it comes to screw retention.

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sm-solidorSecurity & Testing

With a 48mm solid hardwood slab and multipoint locking systems, you’ve probably already guessed this is one tough door to break into. Here’s how hard it really is…

Here are the various locking options available


Avantis Lock

The Avantis lock comes as standard with any lever operated handle. One of the industry’s finest 3-point multipoint locks, The Avantis features the industries largest deadbolt, and has built in compression and dampeners to give a smooth operation. The Avantis lock is PAS24 and Police approved 9Secured by Design), and features larger hooks top and bottom to form a more secure seal into the frame.


Yale Keyfree

Tired of using a key to open your door? Then the Yale keyless entry system is the answer to your prayers. This clever bit of kit features a keypad that allows you to set a code to lock the door, meaning you never need to worry about losing your key down the back of the sofa again. That’s not all though – you also get two electronic fobs that can unlock the door remotely, in the same way you would your car. We have found over years of testing these handles are rock solid in terms of security and reliability, and we highly recommend them if a keyless system is what you’re looking for.

Key Wind Up

This multipoint lock comes as standard on any door that is fitted with a designer handle or door knob option. This lock boasts a central latch and hooks top and bottom (similar to the Avantis), but rather than requiring a lever handle to throw the hooks this can be done by another turn of the key. This lock is very convenient and functions like an old Yale style lock – meaning you always need a key to open the door from the outside. We recommend selecting a thumb-turn cylinder if choosing this lock; otherwise a key is required every time you want to open the door on the inside. Feedback from previous customers is that this is very annoying!


Heritage AV2

If you are looking for a composite door that still has a traditional ‘Yale-style’ lock, then this is the option for you. This lock has a traditional rim latch at eye level (yes, just like your old timber door) but there is much more to this lock than that. Still a multipoint lock there are hooks top and bottom that automatically close into the frame when the door is shut. This automatic slam-shut feature is very handy, and a thumb-turn cylinder on the inside is fitted as standard so you don’t need to go hunting for a key when the delivery driver arrives.

Security Upgrades

The Solidor is available with various security upgrades for your peace of mind. Choose between the magnum cylinder (a superior quality cylinder that is anti-bump and comes with security keys), cylinder guard (a twin fix metal guard that is fitted to the cylinder to make it impervious to brute force attacks) or a Mila ProSecure handle (an improved lever handle option that boasts a solid back plate and flush face to protect the cylinder).

soundsSounds Like a Solidor

Solidor are a UK based manufacturer who have been producing composite doors since 2004. They are so proud of their high quality timber core that they invite customers to take the ‘knock test’. The idea is that the solid 48mm core offers a strength and solidity that other composites don’t – and it ‘sounds like a Solidor’. Take a look at this video, which shows how the doors are manufactured from their factory in Staffordshire.

sm-solidorYour Solidor & the Environment

Solidor take great pride in their green credentials, and have always taken steps to pioneer planet friendly products and manufacturing methods. They run an extensive recycling program, and use 100% lead free materials. All of the timbers used in the doors are harvested from managed forests, and they are also involved in the Ripple Africa tree plantation scheme.

100% recycled reinforcement

Thermally efficient PVCu door frame

100% lead free materials

Extensive recycling programme

Fully manufactured in the UK

Recyclable door frame and door leaf

Energy efficient glass units are standard

Ripple Africa Tree plantation scheme

sm-solidorEnergy Ratings

Every Solidor is manufactured be the thermally efficient, and they are proven to actually contribute to reduced heating costs. Every door has U value between 1.1-1.8, depending on the door style. This far exceeds the standards for building regulations, so if you’re replacing a tired old wooden door with a Solidor you are certainly going to notice a warmer hallway!

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sm-solidor Sustainability

The majority of composite doors don’t get recycled, but Solidor’s do which has a big impact on our carbon footprint. The factory process involves daily recycling of off-cuts and waste, and some timber off-cuts even end up as candle holders and fruit-bowls! In addition Solidor strongly support the Ripple Africa tree plantation program, and encourage customers and suppliers to get involved as well.

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