Who’s the Daddy – spoiler alert

Who’s the Daddy – spoiler alert


Here at GFD Group HQ we always listen to our customers, we value all of their opinions and comments and over the last couple of years we have identified a changing / growing trend in their requests. Without wishing to give too much away we have been beavering away behind the scenes to make the requests of our customers a reality and our plans are now pretty well advanced so watch his space as they say.

We have of course given plenty of clues to our attentions over recent months – back in July we ran a series of blogs with a common theme across all of our web – blogs such as “An announcement to all of our readers past present and future” where we announced the arrival of our latest family member Bi fold Door Prices as we stated in this blog there was more to this site than just Bi Fold Doors

Bi Folds are not all this site has to offer as we have expanded our range to incorporate windows, rooflights and lantern lights, if you are looking to replace a tired door or window or build a whole new stylish extension or even a new home the GFD Group can supply all of your fenestration needs.

The GFD Group of Companies which comprises Timber Composite DoorsGlobal DoorWarmCore Homes – Eurosecure and of course Composite Door prices and now   Bi-fold Door Prices together can help you create the home you dream of, we are part of the evolution of the fenestration industry we are specialists in the world of doors and windows and are more than happy to share our knowledge with all prospective customers”


We followed this huge clue with an even bigger one during recent weeks with articles such as ”We are not alone”“Images can be deceptive” to quote from “We are not alone” which gives us another chance to use the “little green men graphic” (just because we like it)


“With all that expertise and experience when we are NOW asked what can Timber Composite Doors and the GFD Group do for me? Our response – everything from a single door to servicing the fenestration requirements, doors, windows, bi folds, rooflights, lantern lights and security needs for a full home and of course we have a portfolio of past success to demonstrate this capability and that’s before we consider the commercial projects we have undertaken.

Timber Composite Doors are not alone they are a proud part of the GFD Group family – it is our customers who decide our future whether it be a single superb Solidor door or a full suite of doors and windows we shall be pleased to assist, we have been providing these services for a number of years for those who asked the correct questions”

One thing that never happens at GFD HQ is “standing still” we are always on the look out for new products that provide our customers with the quality and service that they demand and of course we are the first to recognise that even though we constantly upgrade our range of products it is not the ideal situation where the customer has to trawl a number of our sites to “mix and match” there required suite of products.

Our final clue for now, was included in that last sentence.

So, when can our customers expect to see the results of the culmination of the latest GFD Trading plans – will it be an early Christmas present or will it be a New Year’s Resolution – we can not say just yet but our customers will be the first to know – its big, very big.