Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Once upon a time not that long ago in fact, but definitely pre “Game of Thrones”, if someone used the phrase “Winter is Coming” they simply meant what the phrase said i.e. that winter was coming – now post “Game of Thrones” anyone using the phrase is more likely to be asked if they are a fan of the series rather than some weather-related acknowledgement. As the nights continue to draw in and the forecasters are giving dire warnings of forthcoming snow and a long hard cold winter we have months of dark cold days and nights to look forward to – Oh Joy!

It could however be even worse if you have front or back door that is showing its age, which can cover any number of items, poor draught seals, warped doors that no longer fit frame, missing or broken letterplate flaps, cracked or broken glazing etc. If you are the unfortunate owner of any or all of the above problems there is one thing of which we can be certain, your old door will not be as thermally efficient as a nice new Composite Door and whereas anyone who installs a Composite Door now can look forward to savings on their energy bills this winter you can only look forward to lots of draughts and excessive fuel bills.

We are not saying that a new Composite Door will resolve all of the problems of a cold home but it will most certainly assist as recent statistical evidence suggests that up to 11% of all heat loss from a home could occur through a front door that was experiencing the previously noted problems of draught, poor fitting etc

If the reason you have not upgraded your door is because trawling through lots of web sites, company brochures etc fills you with dread as you are not really sure what you should be looking for, we may just have the answer for you. Composite Door Prices is a comparison web site – we have already vetted the market on your behalf to find doors that we know will provide an excellent specification at a “Value for money” competitive price. AS part of the GFD Trading Group of companies we have been trading selling and installing Composite Doors for over ten years so we have a pretty good idea what our customers want –

Quality product with a good choice of styles, colours and accessories all at competitive prices and with installation available by professional tradesmen throughout the UK, financial assistance to purchase if it should be required and with all the technical specification / commercial and legal information provided for those who want to read it.

In short, a perfect description of Composite Door Prices web site

Doors from three different manufacturers, bespoke 1930’s style doors, Patio doors, French doors, if you can not see what you want simply give us a call we have the know how and experience to track down whatever style of door you require.

Winter is indeed coming but it does not have to be a winter of discontent, there is plenty of time to have a new composite door installed by Composite Door Prices and avoid a winter as depicted in Game of Thrones.