Your own little piece of original art

How do you make a stunning range of Doors such as the Solidor range even better answer – turn them into individual works of art.

As a first impression you could be forgiven for thinking that the glazed panel in the door shown above was just another example of mass-produced machine generated glazing, how wrong you would be.

This glazed panel is neither mass-produced or machine generated and it has more in common with the stained-glass windows in your local church than the aforementioned description – it is in fact a beautiful example of hand-crafted abstract pattern glass created by a renowned artist who is an expert in her field.

The name Jo Downs may not be familiar to those outside the glazing industry but Jo’s work is recognised internationally working from her Cornwall studio , Jo has undertaken a commission from Solidor to produce three beautifully designed, crafted and hand finished exclusive designs which are available in blue, green, red and copper, and, no two tiles are ever the same, so it really is like having your very own one off piece of art. Jo draws inspiration from the beautiful coastal landscape around her studio, using advanced fusion techniques, she is able to create abstract designs, each of which is completely unique, making your door truly one of a kind!  By incorporating hand crafted glass into the door, it changes its very nature; from being something that is just a functional means of controlling traffic, and transforms it into a picture frame into which you can now hang your own piece of art.  How many of us can claim our front door as an original work of art?

The example above is one from the Jo Downs Collection in copper and all of these designs will be available to Composite Door Prices customers in the New Year it may never sell for millions at Christie’s or any other international sales room but we can guarantee it will most certainly impress family, friends and neighbours when they come calling.